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Input voltage: 12V/24V/220V
Working current: 0.15A
Relay power: 1200W
Timing optional: seconds / minute / hour
Display: 0.1 second
This timer is accurate to 1-999 sec/min/hr. First, it can control the hours and seconds in a single time, and can be easily switched in three ways; second, to achieve linkage control; third, independent timing control; fourth, can cycle timing…
1. Turn on the power, and display the delay time on both the left and right sides.
2. Press the “SET” button once to control the working time of relay No. 1 by adding and subtracting keys.
3. Press the “SET” button twice in succession to control the working time of relay No. 2 by the addition and subtraction keys.
4. Press and hold the “SET” button for 10 seconds to enter the project menu.
NumberingFunction Descriptiondefault 
P0Switch seconds/minute/hour0 second1 minute
P1Linkage controlOFFON
P2Independent timing controlOFFON
P3Loop modeOFFON
P41-999 seconds, the timing of the cycle  
1. Restore the factory settings, press and hold the 1 and 5 keys at the same time after power on, and display 8 8 after 5 seconds. The setting is successful.
2. Time is gone, not countdown
3. If the button is re-triggered while working, all timing needs to be restarted.
Package Included:
1 x Multi-function Intermittent Cycle Timer

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